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Microbiology Testing: Detecting Microbial Organisms

We offer comprehensive testing to help minimize the risk of potential damage by microbes and to ensure microbiology quality. Our microbiology team has extensive experience and works with a wide variety of sample matrices. We provide testing services for the environmental, biotechnology, healthcare, and food industries. Microbiology testing includes the detection, isolation, identification, and confirmation of microbial organisms. Our microbiologists complete comprehensive services for bacterial cell lines at all stages of production with a focus on regulatory requirements. We have extensive experience with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
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Standardized Testing for Monitoring and Research

Our testing facility offers the best possible service. When you work with us, you’ll receive all the information you need. Our consultants ensure that the testing services you need are executed accurately to meet your requirements. All our microbiology testing conforms to the required standards. We offer comprehensive testing for various industries and applications, including pharmaceutical products, drinking or purified water, household or industrial products, and medical devices. Our consultants can conduct effective and accurate monitoring for indoor, environmental, and industrial industries, including custom microbiological research and microbiological identification.
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Transparent Results Based on Open Communication

Iskon Biotech is dedicated to quality, extensive experience, open communication, and cutting-edge science. Our microbiologists have extensive knowledge and experience working with a variety of microbiology organizations. We are committed to strict adherence to regulations. Our testing facility keeps up with the high demands of our clients. We value transparency and integrity in our testing, and we complete testing on time with open communication throughout the process. Our microbiology department can conduct a research study, cGMP release, or stability testing according to your needs and project requirements. Microbiology testing is crucial to maintaining safety and microbiology quality.

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