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Offering Our Expertise to You

We consult with a purpose:

  1. We understand your organization's or project's mission.
  2. We help provide guidance from inception to post-market.
  3. We hold your hand, become a part of your team, and get involved in the details of the project/product.
  4. Our extent of involvement and guidance depends upon your level of need. It could start with fact-finding, pre-experiment, experiment design, results, summary, and conclusions, including a formal report on product launch and aftermarket support.
  5. We represent your product/project to the regulatory bodies, FDA, EPA, EU, etc.
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Our Available Consultancy Services

At our testing facility, not only do we provide the testing services you need, but we also provide the consultation services you deserve. You won’t be left in the dark anymore when you choose to work with our consultants.
  • FDA Approvals (IND, NDA)
  • EPA Approvals (Pesticidal Devices and More)
  • New Test Validation: Expansion of Testing Capabilities; Testing Needs and Requirements
  • Equipment Standardization Opportunities
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Capital Demands
  • Getting the Laboratory Certified
  • Laboratory Internal Audits
  • SOP Reviews
  • Standard Workflow and Process Improvement Opportunities
  • Custom Research Projects / Client Specific Protocols
  • ISO Microbial Content Testing
  • FDA Compliance Issues
  • Auditing Services
  • Quality Management System Improvement
  • Drug Launch Planning
  • Review of Product Claims for the US Market
  • Determination of Legal Status of Proposed Products for the US Market

Professional Consultancy Services: Maximize Product Testing Success

Our consultancy services help you and other product sponsors by providing you with everything you need to maximize your product testing success. We provide the necessary expertise, guidance, and support to ensure thorough testing, regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, high-quality products, and, most importantly, peace of mind. Product testing is a crucial component in the process of creating new products. Our team understands the importance of accurate and thorough product testing, which is why we provide our consultants for you to speak with about your product and your goals. We can help you reach them.

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